Five Ways to Become More Productive (And Stay That Way!)



With Resort market just around the corner, it's crunch time here at Brand Assembly HQ. To keep ourselves on track, it's important to make the most of each workday. Not only does maximizing our productivity get us to our goals, it also fosters a sense of accomplishment in our team! These tips work so well for us that we decided to share them with you to help you tackle that task list and get things done! Do you have any tried and true productivity pointers? Share them in the comments!

#1 block out 'me time' each day

You know how it is. You've planned out your workday and dedicated a few hours to that big project you haven't quite gotten to yet. Right as you're about to dive in, you get the dreaded meeting notification...for the exact time slot you left open to focus. By scheduling your 'deep dive' time into your calendar you not only keep yourself on track, but also let others on your team know that that time is off limits.


#2 take your task list offline

Online list managers can be great for organizing your myriad to-dos, but research suggests that taking pen to paper can help you unlock maximum productivity. Writing things down helps your brain memorize the content, making it easier to recall those tasks and keep them at the forefront of your mind. It's also more satisfying to cross something off a physical list!


#3 don't sweat the small stuff

For most of us, our responsibilities on any given day are made up of two to five big projects and ten to fifteen smaller items. By front loading your more extensive to-dos, you dedicate your fresh morning energy to your most important business and gain momentum to finish your less important points.


#4 skip the lunch meetings

Meetings are an essential part of working on a team, but they also have a tendency to significantly cut down your time to complete your ever growing checklist. Try setting a strict time frame to complete your meeting that is roughly 25% less time than it normally takes to get through your agenda. This forces the group to focus only on the vital material and leaves no room for tangents and personal discussion.


#5 lose the 'just push through it' mentality

While deadlines are important, so is producing quality work. If you're feeling stuck on a project, there are a couple of tricks you can employ to regroup mentally and get the job done! If possible, try moving on to a different section of the project. By navigating around the problem section and focusing on a new challenge, your brain feels refreshed without completely removing yourself from that productive mindset. If you're working on a linear task, try switching your focus to a series of smaller responsibilities. Taking ten minutes to cross a few items off of your list gives you an instant boost of accomplishment and can help you feel more prepared to get back to that big job.