How To: Make the Most of Your Next Work Trip



Anyone in the tradeshow business (or any industry that involves travel) knows that while constant jet setting may seem glamorous, most work trips consist mainly of trying not to fall asleep from jet lag, airport pinot noir, and missed emails. Here at BA, we travel quite a bit and think we've got the ideal work trip down pat. Keep reading for our favorite tips to make your next trip the best one yet!

1. use your plane time wisely

There are only so many times you can watch "Coco" and cry on an airplane before it's considered a problem. Make the most of your time in the sky by hooking up that wifi and checking off some of that to-do list. It won't be fun, but it'll give you a head start before you even hit the ground at your destination.

2. plan some team bonding

Heading out with a work buddy or even your whole team? Make plans to do something together outside of work. Whether it's just grabbing dinner or seeing a live show, spending time with your co-workers outside of the office can help boost morale for when you're back at HQ.

3. don't get lost in your inbox

You're on a trip for a reason! Detach yourself from your screen and try to take advantage of the in-person opportunities that are presented to you. Network, visit a client you haven't seen in a while, or just take in your temporary home!

5. make time for yourself

Let yourself off the hook for a night and take time to explore your surroundings! Taking time to experience a new place will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything - even a red eye.

Hillary FranceComment