Discover How Tyler Hays Transformed Brand Assembly's LA Square


Pastel paintings of abstracted, plant-laden landscapes now blanket the walls of our Square in Downtown Los Angeles. As champions of emerging creative talent here at Brand Assembly, we always strive to give our Square members a space that ignites design inspiration. The result of this mission speaks for itself, as our space has been transformed floor to ceiling and room to room by none other than a leading emerging creative in our community. Meet Tyler Hays — fine artist, collaborator, and self-proclaimed explorer.

If you look closely at the creative trifecta, it makes sense to us that Tyler has an affinity for adventure. Each of the three murals beckons viewers to immerse themselves in the painted plant-life and cotton candy-colored vignettes that are reminiscent of a west coast sunset. To us, there's no better vibe than that! But in the spirit of visual storytelling, we'll let Tyler's work further speak for itself — along with a few words of wisdom he shared while giving us full access to his process as each of these beautiful murals came to life.

Enjoy this fun behind-the-scenes look and get to know Tyler's story as well as his thoughts on building a viable business as modern creative in 2019.

Hi Tyler, thanks for chatting with us! Tell us about what you enjoy the most when working with emerging brands and creatives.

My name is Tyler Hays. I live in Los Angeles and New York as a fine artist, muralist, and graphic designer. I am an adventurer and explorer capturing my experiences with a paintbrush.

The world is my canvas, from painting on hats to painting on buildings; each piece tells a story. I find that the most authentic brands and creators are using personal experience and their story as a call to action to create a product or painting that makes the world a better place.

We're always on the lookout for emerging creatives. Who are a few artists, designers, or musicians that you think we should keep our eye on?

Artist: Aleph Geddis @alephgeddis

Musician: Chase McBride @chase.mcbride

Designer: COATZ @c_o_a_t_z

Walk us through your artistic development over the years. How have you learned to hold onto your perspective even when working on branded products or initiatives?

I have had the opportunity to explore all avenues of craftsmanship, which I feel has been crucial to my artistic development. For most of my career, I have been creating artwork for different brands while keeping my personal values at the core of my pieces. As I have a flexible range of expression, I really only work with brands I find myself in alignment with stylistically. Anything else wouldn't feel authentic. My mission is always to be truthful as an artist and only create original material.

We're here at our Square in Downtown Los Angeles! Talk to us more about this mural project and your process of putting together the vision for this particular project. How do you think it's reflective of both Brand Assembly's mission and your creative POV?

Working with Brand Assembly has been amazing. We started with only color and a theme. Utilizing bright, fun colors, and plant-based subject matter, I was able to generate energy in the room. Each mural is placed in the space so that you can see one from the other, which offers a guide through the space one piece at a time.

At Brand Assembly, we're here to provide resources and support so designers can do what they do best: design. As a successful artist, what is your advice for creatives who are looking to develop the business and partnership elements of their work?

To be authentic. It is important to develop your style and market; it's not going to align with every brand out there, but it's better to have a true artistic expression of your own than to try to create different looks and feels for different clients. Pitch yourself to brands with like-minded individuals or aesthetic. Most importantly, put yourself out there, go to events, meet people, make friends, and meet their friends.


Photos by Mikaela Hamilton for Brand Assembly