BA How-To: Selling Activewear Buyers with Abby Hay of POPACTIVE



It's health and wellness month on The Assemblist! Following the release of the second issue of our print publication, we're celebrating with a monthlong schedule of how-to's, activewear brand and buyer interviews, and tips on the ever changing landscape of the wellness industry! This week we spoke to Abby Hay of the eccentric and insanely fun active line POPACTIVE who gave us her guide to securing key activewear accounts!

1. Do your research.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but doing as much research as possible before an appointment is the best way to ensure an order from any store or studio.

"Don’t go in not knowing and understanding [the studio's] brand. Studios can really range from being able to support a higher price point to needing a lower price point. They also may need apparel for a specific workout. I think the most important thing is to be educated in not only the studio itself, but also their method."


2. Listen to the buyer during the appointment.

You've done your research and memorized your pitch, but the buyer isn't picking up what you're putting down. Listen and adapt to keep the momentum going.

"Listen and hear what’s worked for the studio and if something doesn’t work for them figure out why. You have to be able to think on your feet and change your pitch as you need to. It’s especially important to focus on their needs when it’s a technical or performance piece because it's much more specific!"


3. Cater to the customer AND the buyer.

The buyer has spent a lot of time and energy getting to know her customer and you should too!

"Try to understand how the client’s experience is in that studio and echo that with the product. I really tailor the collection towards each store so that they understand that I know and understand what their customer comes to them for and what makes them special."


4. Focus on the community the studio has already built.

It's important that your brand adds to the atmosphere a studio has curated. Positioning your brand as something that opposes their current offerings won't necessarily secure a sale.

"When you’re pitching a studio, they’re all about their community. You have to understand their community’s culture. It’s also great if you have things you can get on the instructors. I find that that helps to sell product faster when you get it on someone who's a leader at a studio."


5. Embrace the lifestyle you're selling!

When it comes to selling activewear, experience is always your friend. You don't know which leggings are going to lead to some mid-Pilates discomfort until you've lived and learned.

"You have to ask, 'Is my product conducive to the kinds of workouts that they offer at the studio? What are the properties of these leggings that would make them more appropriate for a Bikram studio vs. a spin studio vs. a Pilates studio?' It all comes down to how you’re able to express that to the customer. So, you really have to understand it and kind of live it. I don’t work out at much as I’d like to, but I’ve done almost every workout on the planet. It helps you to understand as someone who’s doing these practices."